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230304_129406340471202_3246695_nHello there! Those who know me will be able to confirm that I really hate talking about my self. However, I do believe some of my clients would like to know who I am and what makes me a good choice to order a portrait or other art piece from me.

Besides the obvious, and that is that I’m an exceptionally good artist, I’m also good looking, and can even cook well enough. Okay, I’ve been told this is a business site and that I should be serious. Seriously, I’m great.

Okay, okay… here it goes:

I’ve been born and living in a small town called Pula, part of a beautiful little Mediterranean country called Croatia. The event of me being born happened some 33 years ago.

Ever since I learned to hold a pen, or crayon, I drew. Art and creativity was my second existence. There was one more love – animals. My mom would grab her hair, cringe and run screaming at the sole mention of those years. Yeah, I did bring home my share of abandoned pets, birds… snakes… You know, everything furry, feathery or scaly! It was only natural for me to bring my two loves together. I’ve been drawing and painting animals first and foremost my whole life.

13 years ago I drew my first pet portrait as a present to my boyfriend’s parents, and an idea formed. What if I could paint other people’s pets to earn money? I was already doing it as a hobby, wouldn’t it be perfect to earn some money from it, too? The rest is history.

I’ve done over 70 portraits, and some of them went all over World and Europe. My sole wish and purpose was to please my clients, and enjoy creating with every portrait and piece of art I’ve done!


Other professions


As you can see, the site’s name is Art Core Studios. That is because I’m not only a fine artist. In 2007, I graduated to be a web designer. I was already good in graphic design so I wanted to expand my knowledge and get a degree. I’m officially a graphic and web designer, in addition to my traditional art skills. You will soon be able to see the other part of this site, meant for my graphic and web design work. That knowledge of the digital world gave me a possibility to start drawing digital portraits and art, as well as traditional ones.



And finally, I’m a photographer. Photography has been my love for 14 years now, and I’ve been seeing my world through my lens. When walking around, I don’t see houses, trees and streets. I see a scene, a landscape, a detail that needs to be put in permanent memory. Then again, and not strangely, my motives are usually my animals.



I would like to introduce my current furry family to you. I have 3 dogs and 3 cats. There were 4 dogs and 4 cats, but our Čupavi died last year of heart attack, and Mini disappeared…


My Furry Family (and how they came to be)


First are Bimbo and Gizmo. They are very connected, more so than any other dog or cat in my house.
Bimbo is 6 years old. Bimbo got to our house as a foster kitten from a local shelter. He almost died, they pulled him from the brink of death. He came to my place to heal and recover. First thing he did – entered our hearts. Second – he broke his leg. In the house. We still have no idea how.
He is the most layed-back cat I’ve had. He is always good-natured and in a good mood, even when hurt. Once, we had to pinch him to listen to his lungs at the vet. He wouldn’t stop purring. It was quite obvious he was never going to leave.
Gizmo on the other hand, is always nervous, likes to bite if he doesn’t like you touching him, but is very lovable. Luckily, I’ve only ever lost a sandwich to him, not a finger. He came as a companion to my mom. She said: “You have your Nemo, and I want my own little furry monster. I want it to be a little bit bad, and jump around the house.” You know what they say: “Be careful what you wish for”? Yup, you got it. He is 9 years old.
My mom left to live in Italy for some years, she took him with her. After 2 years of moving around, she brought him to me, to his family. We never wanted to separate them again, so here they are now.


Bimbo and Gizmo


Nemo is the senior of the house. He celebrated his 12th birthday last October. We had a barbeque in his honor, and he had a doggie-birthday-cake. He was my first dog. I wanted a Golden Retriever ever since I’ve read “The Watchers” by Dean Koontz. Yeah, I’m a horror book fan. Anyway, he wasn’t named Einstain only ’cause it would be funny to yell after him “Eins!” in a park. And I did yell. A lot. So instead, he was named after captain Nemo. He is the only animal in our house that I actually bought. Back then, I wasn’t aware of so many abandoned animals. Now I am, but I’m not sorry. I have my Nemo.

I learned everything I know about dogs with him. He was temperamental, stubborn and a bit aggressive towards other male dogs. We had good and bad time together, but mostly, we learned from each other, and we grew. He is my first love.




My third dog, and the last to come is Suky. She’s a purebred couch short legged shepherd. No, really, she’s great in the couch department. I found her laying in the sun in the middle of the street, dehydrated, mistreated. I took her home, fed her, gave her water and anti-flee sprayed her. I was gonna find her a home. Yup. So, 10 years after, I’m still so happy I never gave her away. She’s the most lovable and loyal dog I’ve ever met. She is my shadow. And THAT can be inconvenient at some moments. If you get what I mean…




Oh, and now the cat princesses of the house. I don’t consider Bimbo a cat. Or a princess. Anyway, first and true princess is Hera. She came just before Bimbo did. My brother (who was living with me at the time) came home with her, said “I found her by the kiosk, she is so nice, can we keep her?”. I mean… what?? I was so against it. We were living in a rented apartment (still are actually), I already had 3 dogs, my previous cat I adored hanged himself and I didn’t want it to happen again. I was done with cats. They tend to be prone to accidents. Whatever, who was I kidding. She was so cute on my aquarium. Damn.
Hera is 7 years old. And she really is a princess. She’s a fine piece of art, that cat. So full of herself. Thinks she’s better than every other cat or dog in the house. And human. But then she gives you that look, and you fall.




Last and youngest is Lucy. Lucy is technically still a foster cat. Yup. It will be 5 years soon. I don’t think she’ll ever find a home and I’m sure I don’t want her to. She was rescued by the same rescue association I was volunteering at at the time. She too was on a verge of death, dying of hunger cause of a very strong inflammation of the upper respiratory tract. She couldn’t eat ’cause of the pain it caused her. She recovered and became our family.
She is the clown of the house. She’s always hanging upside-down from somewhere, jumping you from a bush or trying to break your neck by being under your feet at all the wrong times. Yeah, we love her.




And, even if they’re not among us anymore, I want you to meet pieces of our hearts that are missing.

Čupavi was 12, almost 13 when he died of a heart stroke last year. He was having adrenal gland problem his entire life, so we knew it could happen. It’s just.. you’re never really ready, especially when your dog is running happily one day, and is dead the other. It was a shock to all of us. Čupavi was found in Zagreb by my boyfriend and his ex-girlfriend. They rescued him, and loved him. He was my dog for only 2 years, but I considered him mine all the way. When he came, our dogs became “The Fantastic Four”. They are no more. But the memory remains. We love you Čupavi! Both your moms, your dad, and the rest of the family.




I found Mini in a middle of a move. We were moving stuff to a car and I saw this little colourful bundle walking in the middle of a very busy crossroads. Of course, I had to save her. I brought her in our new home, tried to find her a good home… but after I declined more than one interested to-be owner, it became obvious that she is meant to stay. She was very attached to Nemo when she was little, but they grew apart as she became an adult cat. She was of Lucy’s age, would be 5 this year. To be honest, I still like to think she found a better home. We were living in a safe area, without too much traffic and dangers. The only thing I can think of is that she just adopted a new family. I really hope she did.




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