Back Alley

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Digital Painting



“Back Alley” Urban Fantasy digital painting, printable up to 472.4 in


Painting information:

Subject: Wolf in a back alley, “Back Alley” urban fantasy painting
Medium: Digital Painting
Size: Printable up to 120 cm wide (47.2 in)
Year Painted: 2014


I tried out my new Wacom tablet with this painting. I went for a bit of darkenss with a touch of fantasy. I imagined this wolf to be a shapeshifter in the urbane night setting. The painting was inspired by Nalini Singh’s “Psy/Changeling” series.


See how the reference photos and close up details looked like.




Reference photo

Credits: Background photo reference by Dave Porteus.
Note: if you recognize the reference photo of the wolf and/or know its owner, please contact me. I’ve lost track of the owner and I’d like to make a proper credit. Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience!


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