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Digital Painting


Bimbo, digital painting, printable up to 472.4 in


Portrait information:

Subject: Cat, Mixed Breed, Bimbo
Medium: Digital Painting
Size: Printable up to 120 cm wide (47.2 in)
Year Painted: 2014


Bimbo is my own cat. He was my first digital painting and I wanted him to look Royal. The official name of the painting is “Royal Black”. I wanted the dark, royal feel. He is entirely painted, from the first to the last layer. The background is “photoshopped”, ‘tho.


See how the reference photos and close up details looked like.





Reference photo



And because I can do so many things digitally, I altered the original drawing to wish my followers a Happy Christmas! With that, Bimbo became my mascot.


christmas bimbo_S

Christmas Bimbo!

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