Commission Info

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Dear to-be client!

If you’ve decided you want a portrait of your pet, or a nice piece of wildlife art, please take a look at the commission info. I’ve made these pages to make it easier for you! You will know what to expect prior to ordering your portrait, so there will be no surprises! Your satisfaction is my first priority!

Before ordering, if you haven’t already, make sure to check the Gallery! There is a lot of media to chose from! Once you’ve decided what type of portrait you want, check the Prices. When you’ve determined what size and type of portrait you want, please take a look at Photo Requirements and Framing and Sending. Finally, when you have your reference photos ready, and you’ve read everything about framing and sending, there is just one more step you need to take! Read the Terms and Conditions. You will be required to have read and understood them upon ordering your portrait.

You did it? Oh well then, let’s proceed to ordering your portrait!

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