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Order a portrait and pay a deposit


After deciding which size and technique of the portrait you want, it is time to ensure the place on my waiting list by paying the deposit.

Deposit is a requirement! Before placing your portrait on my waiting list (please ask in advance if you need your portrait to be done by some date!), I will ask you to pay the deposit. Deposit is always 100 $, except for the biggest size (39.4×27.6 in), then it’s 200 $. Deposit is non-refundable, unless cancelled up to 7 days after ordering. It covers some of the costs for the material I use, website fees etc.







Read about the process of ordering and payments in Terms and Conditions!


Now you can proceed to choose and order your portrait! Fill out the contact form bellow!



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Thank you for your interest in my art! You can contact me in a few ways. Bellow are listed my contact details, as well as a contact form. If you don’t hear from me in a few days since sending a message through contact form, please try again some other way. Thank you for understanding!


Ksenija Mijoković (Art4Pets / Art Core Studios)
Jeretova 18, 52100 Pula,


Phone number:
+385 97 712 7201



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