Framing and Sending

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Up until recently, I didn’t offer framing of the portraits you ordered. Even now, I only offer framing oil portraits. Pastels and charcoal must be put under glass, and it’s goo tricky to ship glass over the World.

When framing your portraits, I use a local framing studio. If you’re interested and would like your portrait framed, please state so when ordering your portrait. Any further details are currently dealt with on a day-to-day bases, but I’ll soon put examples of framed portraits with prices. If you want an engraved plaque on your portrait, that can be done, too.


Charcoal and pastel portraits done on paper are shipped in a hard carton tube, protected by foil from moisture. If pastels are done on pastelmat, then they’re shipped the same way oils are.
Oils (stretched canvas or canvas panels) are shipped protected multiple times, packed flatly. First it’s wrapped in clear foil, then it’s placed inside hard card boards, corners are protected with cardboard. This is all wrapped in several layers of bubble wrap. Finally, the package is placed in a post envelope, closed, and shipped to you.
Prints are shipped the same way as other portraits. Prints on paper or unstretched canvas are shipped in tubes, while prints on stretched canvas are packed flatly as original oil on canvas are.

Portraits are sent only when the entire price is met on your part. You will be included in the whole process of creation, and you will know what you’re getting before I’m sending your portrait to you. The portrait will be on your doorstep in few days, depending on where you live. The price of shipping also depends on the size/weight of the portrait, as well as where in the World you live.
When sending, I will send using a tracking number service, so you’ll be able to know where your portrait is before coming to your doorstep.

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