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Digital Painting


Gala, digital painting, printable up to 472.4 in


Portrait information:

Subject: Dog, Beagle, Gala
Medium: Digital Painting
Size: Printable up to 120 cm wide (47.2 in)
Year Painted: 2015


Gala was my second digital portrait, and I had so much trouble with reference photos. Sadly, this beautiful girl is not among us any more, so I couldn’t ask for better pictures. I had to put together more than two photos, but bellow you can see the main two photos I was working form. Left was used for the general head and face shape, right for fur colour and patterns. Body shape was combined from number of different reference photos and with the help of the owner, she turned out great! Both me and the owned were satisfied at the end. Such a beautiful girl deserved her wings.


See how the reference photos and close up details looked like.







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