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What is your favourite medium? Do you like more pastels or charcoal? Oils or digital? See here some of my portraits and choose the best medium for YOUR portrait!



Pastels must be the most common medium used for pet portraits, or portraits in general. They are cheap, can be used on any paper and are fast to use (no need for drying). Good tones and detail can be achieved with them. However, they do lack the depht and unlimited range of color variety only oils can give…






Charcoal is as traditional as it gets. It has been used since the beginning of man kind. Of course, today we use a bit more advanced charcoals than our ancestors, however the beauty and simplicity remains. There has to be something special in a black & white world. Maybe it’s because when we take away the colors, we are more concentrated on depht and detail. Maybe even the pure essence of a drawing. I would dare to say a “soul” of the subject. That is why I love this medium. It’s not just black’n’white sketch… it’s far more than that! It’s a true piece of art!





Oils are the most common when talking about traditional art. The most famous and longlasting art in history was done in oils. Oils have a special feel, colors don’t have any limitations, they are soft and rich like no other medium you can see or buy. Oils must be the king among painting and drawing mediums. However modern art and techniques become, oils will always have their special place on the top.

If you’re looking for a traditional, long-lasting piece of art, it you want to see deep colours and many layers… if you want texture, oils are your medium.






Digital art has been gaining on the popularity these last few years, and since I’m a graphic designer as well as a traditional artist, quite recently I’ve become offering the digital portraits and other art for commission as well.

Digital Pet Portraits and Art are done digitally on a computer with the help of graphic softwares and professional Wacom graphic tablet. It is a process similar to the traditional way of painting as the painting is being built from the ground up. It is NOT a manipulation of a photo!Making of a digital drawing often takes longer than a traditional one. While you can’t zoom in the real paper or canvas, digital platforms allow you to make as many details as you want, and that makes digital drawings the most detailed work I do, and they take more time to finish in comparison to, per example – pastels. It does not require drying as oils do, so digital paintings get in the middle of the scale of how long it takes me to finish various media paintings. An average digital pet portrait takes between 15 and 30 hours of work.



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