Digital Portraits and Art

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Digital Pet Portraits and Art are done digitally on a computer with the help of graphic softwares and professional Wacom graphic tablet. It is a process similar to the traditional way of painting as the painting is being built from the ground up. It is NOT a manipulation of a photo!

Digital art has been gaining on the popularity these last few years, and since I’m a graphic designer as well as a traditional artist, quite recently I’ve began offering digital portraits and other art for commission as well.

DigitalPortraitsProcessMaking of a digital drawing often takes longer than a traditional one. While you can’t zoom in the real paper or canvas, digital platforms allow you to make as many details as you want, and that makes digital drawings the most detailed work I do, and they take more time to finish in comparison to, per example – pastels. It does not require drying as oils do, so digital paintings get in the middle of the scale of how long it takes me to finish various media paintings. An average digital pet portrait takes between 15 and 30 hours of work.




Do you like digital portraits? Would you like to order one? There are few important things you need to ask your self before commissioning a digital painting/portrait. Do you want it printed on canvas or any other surface? If yes, what size? If no, what size would you like to print your painting on?

When you order a digital portrait or painting, you pay for my work first of all. The general price of 190 $ connote only my painting work! It pays for my hours of work and expenses. If you want your painting printed and shipped to you, additional price will be added: depending on the surface and size of the print, plus shipping fee. If you want your portrait to be sent to you as a digital file via e-mail, it can be done for only the work price (190 $). Note, however, you can print it only for your personal use, and you cannot under any circumstances share the original file with other people or upload it to the internet and other media! You will agree to this terms upon ordering your painting, and violating them will mean breaking the copyright law. You will, however get the watermarked version of your painting, of appropriate resolution. You will be allowed to upload the watermarked version anywhere you want. You can share your digital art/portrait with your family and friends, but you cannot resell prints or the original file.

Before you commission your portrait, please take a look at my Commission Info pages so you know what type of reference photos you need to send, what are the prices and general info on framing, packaging and sending the portrait to you! Also, don’t miss on the Terms and Conditions!

If you want additional prints to your original portrait, please let me know in advance! If you want your family or friends to have copies of your portrait, you can order more prints, bigger or smaller than the original portrait! Prints can be printed on high quality paper, or canvas! I will be adding things like pillows, mugs and similar to the list! Contact me for more information!

Thank you for your understanding!

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