Pastel Portraits and Art

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Pastels must be the most common medium used for pet portraits, or portraits in general. They can be used on almost any paper and are fast to use (no need for drying). Good tones and detail can be achieved with them, and they can be applied to many kinds of paper and pads. However, they do lack the depth and unlimited range of color variety only oils can give.




Do you like pastel portraits? Would you like to order one? Before you commission your portrait, please take a look at my Commission Info pages so you know what type of reference photos you need to send, what are the prices and general info on framing, packaging and sending the portrait to you! Also, don’t miss on the Terms and Conditions!

If you want additional prints to your original portrait, please let me know in advance! The photos of the portraits are taken with a high quality digital SLR camera so high quality prints can be made! If you want your family or friends to have copies of your portrait, you can order more prints, bigger or smaller than the original portrait! Prints can be printed on high quality paper, or canvas! I will be adding things like pillows, mugs and similar to the list! Contact me for more information!

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