Sonny & Viksen

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Charcoal on paper


Sonny & Viksen, charcoal on paper, 39.4 x 27.6 in



Portrait information:

Subject: Horses, Sonny & Viksen
Medium: Charcoal on paper
Size: 100 x 70 cm; 39.4 x 27.6 inches
Year Painted: 2007



This one went to Slovenia. The client wanted to surprise her friends with this portrait of their horses. She sent some photos, not very good ones. But as this was a surprize portrait, I couldn’t ask for better ones. The main reference photo (as well as most of the other) were taken on the sun, with deep strong shadows and “burnt” highlights. The biggest problem was that one horse was black, and the other one tan, so the sun, naturally didn’t do the same effect on their fur. Doing it in black and white made it even harder. Luckily, it was very big so I had some space to do it.

See what the client said when she saw the portrait:


Dear Ksenija,
I was so happy to see your wonderful portrait! It looks unbelievably beautiful and I thank you for it so much! I am sorry to respond to your e-mail so late, but I just got back from my vacation. I will make a payment first thing monday morning!
Of course I don’t mind you making prints of the portrait, it is so beaufiful that it must be seen by as many people as possible! Horses are named Sonny and Viksen and owners are S. and T. You have the right address!
Best regards from B.!



See how the reference photo and close up details looked like.


Close Ups

Close Ups


Reference photo

Reference photos


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