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Pastel on paper


Sony, pastel on paper, 16×12 in



Portrait information:

Subject: Dog, kings charles cavalier spaniel, Sony
Medium: Pastels on paper
Size: A3 (29,7×42 cm; 16×12 inches)
Year Painted: 2007


The client had friends from Ireland as guest. They saw my portraits on her wall as she already ordered few. They liked the portraits very much so she ordered an “emergency” portrait to make them a surprise present before they leave 10 days later.  The portrait “hero” was a beautiful, show winning cavalier. I agreed to make this speed portrait, and succeeded.  I had a very interesting reference photo to work with. It was taken by a professional photographer, but altered in a way to resemble a painting. I basically had to do a painting out of a painting. It was fun! Different, but fun.

Here is the clients reaction when she saw the portrait:



this is PERFECT!!!!! You should specialize in painting cavaliers :)  Please send the portrait with express mail, and let me know your payment info.
I am thrilled!
Thank you so much!!!


See how the reference photo and close up details looked like.


Close Ups

Close Ups


Reference photo

Reference photos



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