Terms and Conditions

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Before ordering your portrait, you need to agree to these terms and conditions.

Please, before you order your portrait, take a good look at my gallery. I’ve been doing this job for 12 years, I’ve never had an usatisfied client, and that’s because I try hard to make it as good as possible. I’ll always listen to what you want and think, I’ll respect your opinion. I’ll always try to repair some aspect of your portrait, as long as it is possible. If not, I will even offer to do a completely new portrait for you, all for the same price. You will be involved in the process of creating your portrait, I’ll be sending you pictures of the work in progress, so if any issue occurs, you’ll be able to see it and correct me. This effort is made for your and my sake, so no one is shortchanged in any possible outcome. My first priority is your satisfaction!


1. Deposit

Deposit is a requirement! Before placing your portrait on my waiting list (please ask in advance if you need your portrait to be done by some date!), I will ask you to pay the deposit. Deposit is always 100 $, except for the biggest size (39.4×27.6 in), then it’s 200 $. Deposit is non-refundable, unless cancelled up to 7 days after ordering. It covers some of the costs for the material I use, website fees etc.

2. Full Payment

Balance payment (Final commission price and shipping fee, minus deposit) must be done before I start working on your portrait. The client (you) will get the invoice by e-mail.

3. Cancellation

3.1. Cancellation before the work begins

If the client cancels the order within 7 days of ordering the portrait, and if the work on the portrait has not yet been commenced, the deposit will be refunded.

If the client has already paid the balance, and I have not yet started with the portrait, cancelling the order within 7 days of ordering means the refund of the entire balance.

3.2. Cancellation after the work begins

If the client wishes to cancel the order after I’ve started working on the portrait, or when the portrait is done but not yet shipped, I retain the right to keep the deposit, plus 30 % of the entire balance. The rest will be refunded.

3.3. Rejection of the portrait once it is shipped

After recieving the portrait, the client has 7 days to return it and ask for any changes. The client meets all additional shipping fees. If even after all the changes are made, the client is not happy with the portrait and wishes to reject it, I retain the deposit plus 50 % of the balance. The client is kept involved in the entire process of creating a portrait, is sent many photos of the portrait, work in progress and finished, prior to shipping.
If the client rejects the portrait once shipped, but declines the right to make improvements, 50 % of the balance will be refunded only after the portrait is sent back, to client’s cost.

3.4. Damaged package upon arival

If the portrait gets damaged during transit, however unlikely that is, the client needs to take photos of the damaged package/portrait and e-mail them to me as soon as possible! The damaged portrait should be shipped back in it’s original packaging, at the client’s cost. The client will recieve a new portrait at no additional cost, except for the shipping fees. The time needed to complete the new portrait will depend on my current waiting list.

4. Copyright

I retain the copyright to every piece of fine art and portrait. I may use the art for promotional purposes, post it on various websites, or use it on promotional materials. It might be used for prints. If you do not wish your portrait to be used in any way, please state so prior to ordering it.

In case of digital portraits where the client gets the original file, the client can print it only for personal use, and he/she cannot under any circumstances share the original file with other people or upload it to the internet and other media! The client will recieve a smaller, watermarked version of the portrait. The watermarked file can be shared.

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