“To the Ashes” Project

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If you’ve been watching my Facebook page, you probably know about this new project. I’ve started doing wildlife art just recently, besides my pet portraits. I’ve always been a big wildlife lover, and I’ve always loved to know as much about it as I could. This knowledge brought me to cognition of how many of the wildlife species is endangered and even critically endangered. Some animals became extinct as I was becoming aware of the problem. I knew, since childhood, of some species already extinct, and I always felt enormous sadness. There are species we are only ever going to see on pictures, never again in life. And, the even sadder part is that there’s so many species that are on the very brink of extinction! Imagine, we are to be witnesses of the death of an entire species. Probably more than one.
Now, the question is: can we change it? I mean, who am I to change anything? How can I help Sumatran Tigers, I’m in Croatia, for crissake! But… the memory of Cecil is still fresh, and subsequent events are still developing. Cecil was only one lion, and he made a change throughout the entire World. And those changes were made by common people. Like me. Like you. So, bringing the awareness to people may be just a little step in endangered animal species’ preservation, but it’s a start, and it’s a step we just cannot skip!

“To the Ashes Project” will be a series of paintings depicting various endangered and critically endangered animals of the world. The first painting of the series is “Sumatra”, the Sumatran Tiger close-up miniature oil portrait. It is still a few stages from being done.

Sumatran tigers are one of the most beautiful tiger subspecies that inhabits Indonesian island of Sumatra. They are listed critically endangered (CE). In 2008 the population was estimated at 441 to 679 individuals, with no subpopulation larger than 50 individuals and a declining trend. Right now, the estimates are close to 400 individuals, ‘tho not confirmed. Sumatran tigers are the only surviving subspecies of the “Sundra Island” group. The Javan and Bali tigers are already extinct.


The second painting in this series, that I just started is “NORTHERN DREAMS”, a North-Chinese Leopard oil on stretched canvas portrait. They are listed endangered (EN), on the verge of being critically endangered, and it’s really weird how there is so little information on this subspecies of leopard. NC Leopard is one of two Chinese leopard species who are endangered, second being the Amur Leopard. The Amur will get his painting, as well, as it’s listed critically endangered and there are only a few dozen left of them in the wild. However, the North-Chinese Leopard is very badly investigated, and according to the information I was able to find is that the estimated numbers of those leopards left in the wild is less than 800.


My idea was to find the respective species’ preservation organisations, and help them save those who cannot save them selves. If you know any such organisation, please let me know.


Will we allow the Sumatran Tiger, North-Chinese Leopard, or any other endangered animal species to disappear? Will they become only our distant memories? Will the only Sumatrans adorn our walls, instead of Sumatra’s forests? Will the only Chinese Leopards live in tales to be told to our children, instead of dwelling on Chinese highlands?

Will they go… To the Ashes?

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