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Pastel on paper


Tundra, pastel on paper, 16×12 in


Portrait information:

Subject: Dog, tamaskan, Tundra
Medium: Pastels on paper
Size: A3 (29,7×42 cm; 16×12 inches)
Year Painted: 2011


This beautiful girls portrait was commissioned from overseas too. She passed away and the family wanted something to remember her of. They thought a portrait will be a nice way to put a memory of her on their wall.

She was a beautiful girl but her reference photos were a bit off. Unfortunately I could not ask for more photos and I had to work with what I had. I had some troubles with her fur colour, but according to her owners, everything turned out nice!

Your artwork is beautiful.  I do not see any problems with the left ear at all.
In my opinion the color of the fur is a bit off.  What I am seeing in the portrait is more of greys and blacks.  Tundra was more on the tans and browns. Also, I see alot of blue bleeding through in her fur from the background color.  I am attaching a few more photos that will hopefully help in getting her color more correct.  I hope this is not too much trouble to ask.  Please see if you can fix the color of the fure and hide the blue bleeding through.  Overall, I am very happy with the portrait.

You got the color perfect.  I love it. Thank you!


See how the reference photo and close up details looked like.


Close Ups

Close Ups


Reference photo

Reference photos



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